What Food Makes Chicken Grow Faster

Factors Affecting Chicken Growth, Not Just Food

While specific foods can play a role, focusing only on food won’t give you the whole picture of what makes chickens grow faster. Several factors interact to influence growth rate, and a balanced approach is key. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Balanced, High-Quality Feed: This is the most important factor. Commercial broiler feeds are specially formulated to provide necessary protein, vitamins, and minerals for rapid growth. You can also supplement with feedstuffs like soybeans, blood meal, and fish meal, but consult a poultry expert for proper ratios.
  • Natural Growth Promoters: Herbs like garlic, turmeric, ginger, and thyme offer some benefits in boosting digestion and immunity, potentially leading to improved growth. However, research on their efficacy is ongoing, and overusing them can harm the chickens.


  • Genetics: Broiler breeds like Cornish Cross are specifically bred for rapid growth and meat production. They reach market weight much faster than laying hens or heritage breeds.

Management Practices:

  • Optimal Environment: Ensure proper temperature, ventilation, and lighting for efficient feed utilization and growth. Overcrowding or stressful conditions can stunt growth.
  • Continuous Access to Feed and Water: Make sure your chickens have constant access to fresh, clean feed and water to maximize intake and growth.
  • Preventative Healthcare: Regular vaccinations and parasite control minimize illness and maintain optimal health for growth.

Other Factors:

  • Age: Chickens grow the fastest during their first few weeks to months. As they mature, their growth rate naturally slows down.
  • Individual Differences: Even within the same breed and environment, individual chickens can have natural variations in growth rate.

Important notes:

  • Rapid growth isn’t always the best goal: Pushing chickens to grow too fast can compromise their health and welfare. Focus on healthy, sustainable growth practices.
  • Avoid harmful shortcuts: Growth hormones and antibiotic growth promoters are illegal in many countries and pose ethical and health concerns.

Remember, a holistic approach considering all these factors, not just specific foods, will lead to healthy, fast-growing chickens. Consult a poultry expert for specific recommendations based on your breed, environment, and goals.

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