Is Metal Gear Survive Canon

The Canonicity of Metal Gear Survive:

The game Metal Gear Survive is a spin-off of the renowned Metal Gear Solid series developed by Konami. Initially, it was declared that the game occupies a place within the official Metal Gear Solid canon; however, Hideo Kojima, the creator of the series, distanced himself from the project and expressed his disagreement with the canonicity of Metal Gear Survive.

Kojima’s Reservations:

Hideo Kojima, known for his meticulous attention to detail and profound involvement in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, expressed concerns about Metal Gear Survive. He felt that the game deviated significantly from the established canon and narrative of the series, potentially undermining the integrity of the Metal Gear Solid legacy.

Canonicity Status:

Confusion arose regarding the canonicity of Metal Gear Survive, as there was no definitive statement from Konami to clarify its status within the Metal Gear Solid timeline. This uncertainty led to divided opinions among fans, with some considering it part of the official canon and others believing it to be non-canonical.

Konami’s Clarification:

In an interview, a Konami representative clarified that Metal Gear Survive should not be considered part of the mainline Metal Gear Solid canon. The game exists as a standalone title with its own unique story and elements, unrelated to the narrative of the primary Metal Gear Solid saga.

Player Perception:

Despite Konami’s clarification, the perception of Metal Gear Survive’s canonicity remains subjective among players. Some fans may choose to incorporate its events into their understanding of the Metal Gear Solid universe, while others may disregard it as non-canonical.

Impact on the Series:

The canonicity debate surrounding Metal Gear Survive has influenced the perception of the game among fans and critics. Some individuals view it as an independent entry with its own merits, while others consider it a departure from the core Metal Gear Solid experience. Ultimately, the interpretation of its canonicity is left to the individual player’s discretion.

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