January 20, 2022

What I Did To Prep These Past Two Weeks: May 31st – June 12th, 2021

Hello Pack. It’s been a while. I hope you all are doing well and have been making great progress with your preps.

We have been quite busy here on our survival homestead – there was definitely no time off about the Old School Survival Boot Camp event to rest … not this time of year on the farm, anyway.

The first Old School Survival Boot Camp was worth every ounce of time, stress, and love that went into making it happen.

A week after the event some, of the presenters and attendees also went to the wonderful Heritage Life Skills event in North Carolina – and called the Vinton County, Ohio event the “largest prepper gathering East of the Mississippi.”

There were 1,523 folks seeking to become more self-reliant in attendance – and I believe all found a sense of community there. Many of the attendees asked to create a private Facebook group for 2021 OSS Boot Camp “alumni” and we were happy to oblige.

The continued relationships and learning going on in the group is so wonderful to be a part of. Many folks were asking if there would also be a fall event.

While we would love to do that, logistically it simply would not be possible. However, we will be continuing self-reliance training virtually via the Old School Survival Boot Camp YouTube channel.

The Old School Survival Boot Camp dates for next year have already been set (May 13-15) and pre-sale of tickets to 2021 attendees have begun – the on-site campground is nearly booked already. Public Early Bird sales for tickets and any on-site camping that is left begins on July 5.

After a few days of putting the event to bed for the year and working on the post event social media, we launched right into hay baling. If the weather is with us, we will get three cuts on our field this year.

This go round we cut high to ensure that there would be a solid second cut and it would not be so thick that baling problems occurred – again. We got over 100 bales from the five or so acre field already put up in the barn.

Garden work began in earnest after the hay baling equipment was all cleaned up and put away until early July. We are gardening smarter and not harder this year by using tabletop-style raised beds for all but viney plants, corn, and wheat.

I really wanted to try growing sorghum this year, but we are all still really exhausted from the event and baling and not sure that is going to happen.

Foraging is on tap for the rest of this week and weekend. Growing our own herbs and preserving them in Mason jars, in gel capsules, and by making salves is an important part of our medical preps.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How is your gardening coming along? Have you increased your food growing to better prepare for these increasingly unstable times?
  2. Are you prepping in response to the potential increased cyber attacks that could shut down more vital industries – even temporarily, like have occured with the fuel supply and meat processing plants?
  3. Do you think that President Donald Trump will run again for the Oval Office – and will you vote for him if he does?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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