How Working Class Truckers Might Protest >> Shut ‘er Down

The Trump movement, “Make America Great Again”, has largely benefited the “Working Class”. Manufacturing jobs (among other sectors) were booming with record numbers as a result of his policies. A president who finally took on China stealing jobs. Resisting globalism over that of national sovereignty and identity. I could go on. However lets think about the middle class “Working Class”. You might call them “Blue Collar”.

Trump’s career as a real estate developer had him working directly with the middle class. Construction. “Working Class” through and through. He was (and is) well liked by many within the so called “Working Class” workplace. His rallies have left zero doubt to his popularity. I believe that his “gut” has always been with the “working class”. Though a billionaire, much of the “working class” love him.

Why is that? Well, his actions benefit them. It seems obvious that “he’s one of them” so to speak. At least in the context of being on their side, in spirit. Do you know what I mean? I think you do…

So where am I going with this? Well, I want you to think about something…

Red – Blue

Look at any national County Map of Red/Blue voting majority. The VAST expanse of geography appear shades of Red. Whereas the shades of Blue are generally highly concentrated in dots around the landscape. The big cities.

Most of the country is Red in this regard. The Blues are concentrated in the cities. That’s where they live. I have driven back and forth across the country east/west, north/south, quite a few times. It is AMAZING the stark difference when rolling on the roads… Most of our country is rural, sprinkled with highly concentrated areas of “human chaos”.

This is literally, Rural vs. Urban (for the most part).

This is not a revelation for most of you. However I do believe the effects have gotten worse. More states and their governments are being influenced by people moving from “Blue States” to “Red States” – and bringing their politics with them (that’s just one reason). They move to the Blue dot cities and suburban regions around them. Eventually and increasingly, the Blue dot political environment detrimentally affects the rest – the Red Counties – the Rural regions.

We are talking about sometimes drastically different ways of life and outlooks on life. Points of view can be quite extremely different. I have seen it CLEARLY with my own eyes, my own life experience. I’ve lived in BOTH places. It is very different.

So, again, where am I going with all this? Simply put, RED feeds Blue. In more ways than one.

Red Feeds Blue

Red regions are largely the Producers of sustaining product and consumables. Blue dots are mostly Takers thereof. Yes, the Takers pay for it as Red is compensated. However I’m just pointing out that most leftists live in Blue dot city regions.

Without distribution and product getting in to these cities, they would wither on the vine rather quickly. Isn’t that interesting?

Another interesting thing I”m reading about this morning is how ANGRY most of these “Working Class” workers are about this apparent election fraud situation. Would you agree that the nation’s Truckers are “Working Class”? Yes, I would say so. And I’ll bet a lot of them are pissed off what’s going on right now…

Trucker Strike?

I read that there’s apparently an organized Trucker movement to stop deliveries for 24 hours on 11/11 to protest “changes made within the industry to benefit drivers, as we are over-regulated, under-paid, and there are other issues as well; such as parking, elogs, and detention.” Apparently there is another planned for 4-days from 11/26 – 11/29.

Though the apparent plan is said to be non-political, one cannot help but wonder the additional motivation that may exist among most Truckers.

(hat tip to Organic Prepper)

How many Truckers will strike? To what extent, I do not know. However, again, isn’t it interesting how Red feeds Blue? Blue seems to hold a very powerful card, if you will… If and when things get dicey, this could unfold in interesting ways.

What other “Working Class” industries “feed the beast”, so to speak? I would think that many within these working class industries are none to happy right now. Worker strikes?

Are YOU a Trucker or in that industry? What have you heard about this upcoming strike?

Shut ‘er Down?

Until such time until facebook takes it down:

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