What I Did To Prep This Week: September 13th 2020 – September 19th 2020

Hello Pack. We are in excited preparation for our trip to North Carolina to attend Prepper Camp. Our plan had been to go only as eager attendees, but that all changed last week.

My prepping mentor, Rick Austin, who hosts Prepper Camp along with his lovely and prepper phenom of a wife Jane, invited me to be a presenter.

I was a class presenter during the first Prepper Camp way in 2014, and it was an incredible experience.

Sharing knowledge with other preppers, learning new skills and getting to introduce Bill Forstchen (One Second After author) on stage were only part of why making the eight hour drive South was worth it … even after breaking down in the mountains on a very rainy night.

Rick thought my Homestead Homeschool curriculum would be a timely and informative addition to the stellar line up of the 56 to 64 classes each day of the weekend long event.

I am incredibly honored to be asked to present again, and am looking forward to sharing the experience and photos here with each of you afterwards.

Tickets sold out earlier than usual this year. I hope all of the Pack members get to attend at least once, it is worth the trip no matter where you are from, as the event attracts survival homesteading types from across the country.

The change in travel from straight leisure to a working vacation is going to keep me very busy between now and when we load up the truck, and start traveling down the highway.

No more beautiful homemade Christmas dolls, like the one I was working on in the feature photo, until after we get back from camp. I need to finish converting my homeschool curriculum for self-reliance families from a massive book into more easy to maneuver study units.

The Homestead Homeschool curriculum book was turning into a set of encyclopedias. Separating the chapters out into homeschool theme units make it far easier to manage for myself and homeschooling parents.

Since I am always working on new hands-on study units, making learning bundles will be the easiest way to frequently update the curriculum.

I start my Christmas shopping and homemade gift creating early to space out the cost and crafting time. I love thinking about the holiday all year long – so picking up great gifts at bargain prices and presents for loved ones helps me do just that.

Currently I am browsing for a gift that is outside of my knowledge zone. I want to get our son-in-law a small safe to keep his everyday carry weapons in. I think a biometric gun safe – fingerprint safe is the best way to go for quick yet secure access. So Pack, what are your thoughts on the best biometric gun safes on the market?

This Week’s Questions

  1. As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not?
  2. What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe?
  3. Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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