October 23, 2021

City Regions Will Starve When the Civil War Goes Hot

Here’s a thought to brighten your day (sarc)… This is predicated on the notion that the current civil war is going “hot”. Though I do not want it to ignite, I believe that many see “the writing on the wall”, so to speak. Hope that’s wrong. However if and when it happens, there’s something that’s going to unfold which will devastate millions of people. Here’s what I’m thinking…

You might want to prepare for this >> Food Shortages.

I have read reports that some trucking companies have considered stopping their drivers from delivering to dangerous places – such as the rioting which plagued Portland for so long. The drivers (and cargo) would be at risk. Thusly the company itself. It’s just not safe.

Hey, if I was a truck driver I sure as heck would not want to drive into the city to deliver my truckload during a period of violence! They don’t pay me enough for that!

So, now imagine if you will, a hot civil war. What’s going to “burn” first? Answer: the cities. City regions. Do you really think the truckers are going to continue delivering food and supplies into these places during such a time? Hell no! Even if .gov “mandates” it, I don’t see much compliance.

What’s the result going to be? Starving people.

Think about that.

Massive Food Shortages and Desperate People

Listen, if you haven’t figured it out by now, government can’t save you. If and when widespread nationwide violence breaks out — you’re going to be on your own. Don’t count on everything rolling along as normal. Like the trucks.

Trucking is our life blood. I’ve driven across this country back and forth, up and down, many times. I’ve seen it. It’s obvious. These trucks are the key to survival — particularly to these huge metropolis regions. They’re artificially kept “alive”.

We don’t know how this civil war will be fought. Unlike the first bloody civil war where there were clear geographical battle lines (Mason Dixon Line), this one will be different.

It’s going to be everywhere. However one thing we do know…many of the cities will probably descend into chaos first. Cities and regions of heavy population density (they all are).

Do you really think that truckers are going to continue delivering their food to grocery stores or Walmarts (you name it) when there’s a “war” going on? Even if it’s a sort of “guerilla” war (which is likely how it would unfold), the danger will be highest in population dense regions.

When The Truck’s Stop, It’s Over

It’s horrible to contemplate. But if you’re one to consider these types of things — well, better to be prepared than otherwise.

Food in the grocery stores will run out in just days. Period. Then what? Without truckers bringing in more food — that’s it. Gone.

Though Covid has motivated many newbies to stock up on food, the majority of people do not have enough to survive for very long on their own.

Millions? of people will quickly become very desperate. Again, a horrible thing to think about. Do you realize how this situation of hungry desperate people will be like fuel dumped on a already burning fire?

Do you think that suburbia will be unaffected? I believe that it will. Depends where…

Do you believe that rural grocery stores will remain stocked during a “hot” civil war? Again, depends where…

This is all pretty doom and gloom. But is it unrealistic to contemplate? Is it stupid to consider that this civil war could actually go hot? And therefore to consider such consequences such as massive food shortages — especially in and around hot zones?

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