October 23, 2021

Our Families Are Starving – It’s Not Going To Be Peaceful Much Longer…

speech at Shasta city council meeting

One man, a veteran named Carlos Zacata, had the balls to stand up to the Shasta city council. Here’s what he had to say regarding the ongoing tyranny there (which is nearly everywhere)…

Another view with commentary from David Knight:


“I’m telling you right now, we’re being peaceful and you better be happy that we’re good citizens, that we’re peaceful citizens but it’s not going to be peaceful much longer. This isn’t a threat, I’m not a criminal, never been a criminal, but I’m telling you good citizens are going to turn into real concerned and revolutionary citizens real soon.”

“We’re building, we’re organizing and we’ll work with or without law enforcement but you won’t stop when the time comes because our families our starving… This is a warning for what’s coming. It’s not going to be peaceful much longer… I’ve been in combat and I never want to go back again but I’m telling you what I will to save this country. If it has to be against our own citizens, it will happen and there’s a million people just like me and you won’t stop us.”

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