October 23, 2021

As Summer Winds Down, Are You Prepping For Winter?

( The leaves are begging to show some color, and it’s still August! )

I live in the north country. Our summers go by fast. The Fall season, and then Winter, gets here quicker (and lasts longer!).

The calendar is nearing the end of August. Believe it or not, many trees here are already showing hints of Fall colors. It has been very dry here this summer – may be attributing to that.

The recent mornings have had that somewhat “crisp” feeling when I take the dog out for his morning duty. Not yet time for a Fall jacket, but pretty soon — it will be here before you know it…

Though we will go through more ups and downs with temperature swings into the transition of seasons, as they say, “it’s all downhill from here…”.

It is evident that the sun is setting sooner — as we turn on lights in the house earlier.

All signs are pointing to the changing season.

Every year when it becomes clear that the Winter is getting inevitably closer, it signals / triggers me to “get ready”. Get ready to hunker down, so to speak.

This particular year of 2020 instills even more urging of preparedness. Why? Well I believe you know why…

This Fall and Winter are very uncertain. When coupling the natural urge to prepare for winter – with the unprecedented current events affecting our way-of-life… well, wow… It really makes you think about it, right?

The best we can do is focus more on our self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and security — as best that we can.

I’m not currently terribly concerned about my own security where I live (though shoring it up significantly). However I am concerned about shortages in general.

Throughout these past months it has been interesting (and weird) how certain things become hard to find. Obviously there are underlying explanations. However I’ve learned that it could be almost anything. Hey, when you factor in that nearly everything comes from China, that’s another big concern – given our present stance.

Awhile ago I ordered another chest freezer. I’ve received email updates that keep pushing back delivery dates. Now into November. LOTS OF PEOPLE are prepping. It is exceedingly obvious.

There are many examples of ongoing shortages. Some are nationwide (e.g. freezers). Others ripple through regions as supply chains lurch and stall.

As you all know, guns and ammo are nearly unavailable — nationwide! Absolutely unprecedented. What does that tell you? It tells me that an extraordinary number of people realize that there’s a $hit$storm coming.

Folks, winter is coming…

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