October 23, 2021

Chickens Love To Dig Holes – And What I Did About It…

huge chicken hole

My chickens (pullets) began digging holes the very first day in their coop run. Today, months later, they just dig bigger and deeper holes!

In fact it became a problem. Because for some reason they liked to dig right along the edges of the run’s sill plate (The pressure treated 2×4’s lying on the dirt forming a foundation for the run’s fenced-in structure).

It was driving me nuts. They kept digging along the board perimeter (on the inside of the run). Thus the integrity of the structure would eventually diminish as they dig the dirt right out from under it!

I kept on filling it in with more dirt. But that just encouraged them to dig even more! Ughh…

HOWEVER, I beat them! I mean, no I didn’t “beat” them – but I stopped the digging at the perimeter.

How? I lined the inside with bricks. HA! Good luck with that you sneaky chickens!!

So now, at least when they dig, it will be away from the sill plate. So, no more problem. Happy me – Happy chickens.

Three months ago, first day in the coop / run. Digging holes and rolling in the dirt.

Evidently chickens love to dig holes and roll in the dirt. Why? Because it helps keep them free of parasites, mites, lice. It’s a natural instinct.

They dig the hole and then flop around in it. It’s funny to watch. Looks like they’re having a convulsion or something… Then when they’re finally done, they stand up and shake all their feathers — erupting into a dust-ball as the dirt shakes out.

They now have several favorite spots for digging out in the open-range area.

It’s so funny when you’re working inside the run. Chickens are so darn curious. They’re constantly all around you – wondering what you’re doing… Anyway, I took the opportunity to also rake out their old pine shavings and dump in new. Oh happy chickens…

Oh, and I got them a new water feeder. I hung it off the bottom of the coop. That way it’s higher off the ground, and hopefully they won’t get pine shavings in there! They love it!

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