October 23, 2021

When An Unexpected Broken Ankle Changes Your Life For 3 Months

So, Mrs.J broke her ankle last week. Four fractures which will require about 12 weeks of recovery. The recovery period mandates zero weight being put on that leg. Wow, how life can change in an instant!

I am discovering how much work she does around the house! How’s that? Because now I’m having to do it all…

“Hey Ken, how did it happen?”

Tripping down the stairs (fortunately near the bottom) while wearing sandals and rushing.

“Hey Ken, why are you telling us this?”

  1. Preparedness as it relates to the reality that accidents can unexpectedly happen.
  2. Normalcy bias can be thrown out the window in an instant.
  3. Life can be changed PDQ (pretty darn quick).

Though having done it a zillion times, all it takes is that one time… A sandal stubs the carpet “just right” which begins the unexpected loss of balance and subsequent failed attempt to regain control on the way down. From beginning to end lasting only 3 seconds.

Lesson Learned (hopefully)… Sandals aren’t the best thing to wear while rushing down the stairs! Rushing down the stairs is generally not a good idea. All it takes is one moment and wham – life is changed for awhile (or longer!).

Sometimes we talk about health topics on this preparedness site. Without one’s health, most all other preparedness is pointless. Safety is so very important in our everyday lives. It’s sometimes easy to overlook.

We take our health for granted. Maybe we shouldn’t.

Anyway, not looking for sympathy whatsoever! Instead just pointing out how quick “it” can happen. Suddenly you’re dependent rather than independent!

With that said, I’ve just ordered her a “knee scooter” – which will enable some “gettin around”. Actually they’re supposed to be so, so much better than crutches!

Anyone else ever break an ankle?

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