A Review Of The Stanley Lunch Box

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Stanley makes some great heavy-duty outdoor cookware, thermos, coolers, etc. The recent Father’s Day Sale inspired me to take a look at a few products that I have been coveting for quite some time.

The Stanley Lunchbox intrigued me because it seems to have so much potential for a variety of prepping projects. My first instinct was that I wanted one as an alternative picnic basket of sorts for when Matt and I are out working or if we just want to go have a picnic on the mountain. I got a small basket but it is a bit delicate for general farm use. A Stanley Lunch Box is large and tough enough to take a beating if needed.

A Review Of The Stanley Lunch Box

This box will totally block a cell phone signal.

I wanted to see if the Stanley would be useful for cell phone privacy. I quickly found out that inside my house, it will block my phone from getting any calls or data. That is pretty amazing. I put my phone in the box and shut it and tried to call and nothing.

So this box has the potential to provide you with some extra privacy. Sorry but I get too many ads for things I was just talking about with Matt for me to believe that my phone is not on and listening most of the time.

Big enough for lunch for two people or for a hard working person it will store enough food for all day!

Hammertone Green

Hammertone Navy

This is a huge lunch box. The lid will hold a Stanley Thermos or food bottle too which you can fill with soup or stew. If not then you can have a lot of coffee, tea, or a cold beverage waiting in there depending on the time of year it is.

Will take a lot of abuse and keep on going.

Some things should not be made of plastic. Lunch boxes that are made for those working outside and doing a lot of manual labor need to be tough and able to stand up to some impacts. You could drop this thing on concrete and it may mar the paint but that is about it.

There is a lot of room in this box and while the lid is made for a thermos, the space could still be utilized. I have seen plenty of ammo can medical kits but it is getting harder to find surplus metal ammo cans.

The part that holds a thermos in the lid has a metal bale that keeps it in. You could cram some medical supplies in there or even use a thermos to put some supplies in too but that would likely not be as space-efficient as finding another way. Some really plastic storage containers would likely fit

This is not insulated so if you need something to keep foods really cold, you may want to go with one of the Stanley coolers that have a holder for a thermos too. Some folks may want the lunchbox and the cooler for toting meals to work at various times of the year.

Different colors are available but I have been told that the lunchbox was only manufactured for a limited amount of time.

At the moment you can get this lunchbox in the classic Stanley Hammertone Green and a Hammertone Navy tone. The green was sold out so I just got the blue. Amazon does sell Stanley lunchboxes at the moment so if you are set on a specific color and cannot find it on their website then you can follow this link to buy on Amazon.

I cannot be sure how fast Stanley will stop making this style of lunch box. So many companies use the threat of limited release to boost sales and interest and then decide that due to popularity, they should just make it part of their regular production. I kind of have a feeling that is what is going to happen in this case.


The retail cost of this lunchbox is $45 but for the size, durability, and lifetime warranty, even that is not a bad deal. Sales and coupons are regularly offered. When I bought mine I just did a search for Stanley coupons and got a great deal. Welcome10 will give you 10% off via the Stanley website but there may be other coupons available as well. It really changes fast.

Lower Cost Alternatives

If you can’t find a good coupon code or sale on Stanley and don’t want to wait for one to roll around, then you might want to take a look at some lower cost metal lunchbox alternatives.

There is a lot to chose from in different sizes and the square shape and compartmentalization that they offer may actually work better for some of those reading this. I cannot attest to the overall strength of these choices as I have not used them myself.

At the same time, I have tried to include some options that get a lot of excellent reviews. It is pretty hard to find anything that comes even close to the size of the Stanley and gets positive reviews from a lot of customers. I could not find a single box that resembled the Stanley that people seemed happy with overall.

The design of this stainless steel lunch box is very convenient and easy to clean. The lid clamps down for a good seal. I would say it is only big enough for a meal for one or for some projects like a small medical kit.

For those that like a vintage square lunch box, this is an affordable option that you can label and decorate the way you want. A lot of people buy these for a fun and useful art project with kids.

The handle and latch seem strong and substantial but they are not all metal so I imagine that is the likely weak point. You can get 3 of these for what Stanley costs but the quality is lower. Sometimes you don’t need the strongest metal box for basic needs though so some basic metal boxes might be nice to have on hand.

Do you have a brand of lunch box that you prefer for meals when you must work outside or at a job site? Is their a brand that you feel is comparable to Stanley? It seems that there are very few heavy-duty lunchbox options that are not just coolers.

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