A Special Request: Looking for a Set of Mail Sorting Boxes

This is a special request from your editor, JWR:  Because my inventory of antique revolvers and single-shot pistols for Elk Creek Company is difficult to manage, I really need to get them better organized. I’m hoping that a SurvivalBlog reader in a western state has a set of mail sorting boxes available for sale.


This piece would need to have at least 36 compartments, but one with 60 or more would be best.

Ideally, this would be an old oak piece that is at least 40 inches wide, but preferably closer to 59 inches wide, but no more than 72″ wide. And the height could be anywhere from 40″ to 96″.  But 84″ tall would be perfect.

The depth must be at least 6 inches. Boxes that are 10 inches deep would be perfect. Maximum: 14 inches deep.

The slots can be rectangular or square. But they must measure at least 2″ x 5″  — with either vertical or horizontal slot orientation. Mail slots that are vertical and  3″ wide x 5″ tall x 10″ deep would be ideal.

This set could either be wall-mounted, or free-standing.

They can either be with or without any backing board. But preferably without, if its boxes are less than 8″ deep.

It would be great to find one made of oak, but I’m not picky. It could be made of any sort of wood, or even steel.

Any old markings are not an issue. I can cover those.

I’d be happy to pay cash, but I am willing to trade antique guns, old gun leather, ammunition, full capacity magazines, autographed books, or even silver coins.

Note that I’m willing to drive, to pick up this piece of furniture!

Please let me know what you have available, via e-mail. Many Thanks! – JWR

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