Coronavirus: A (Realist) Prepper’s Perspective on the World Opening Up

As the world unwinds our collective enforced isolation protocols, it’s good to take stock of the situation at hand and see where this will lead us.

The reality is that the economy shutting down until a vaccine is discovered & mass inoculation occurs would be almost impossible with regards to our economy and its resilience. The fact of the matter is, consumption is what drives our world (for better or worse) and with consumer spending at records low its simply not sustainable.

Unemployment is at record high and whilst reopening our respective countries won’t magically save us, it will stem the flow. I could babble on endlessly regarding our current economic situation and the devaluation of our currency but its not really pertinent. We have entered a world were economic policy from the top down picks winners and losers and that’s the way it is.

In any case, the reason I bring this up is to point out that nothing has really changed with regards to COVID-19. It’s still potentially fatal to the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions and we don’t have a cure.

The hydroxychloroquine cheerleaders should be ignored. A recent study (Lancet) shows it increases fatalities and ultimately folks; listen to the consensus from the medical community as opposed to the twitter divas. Please.

Its important to accept the economic reality that the world needs to keep producing and consuming whilst understanding that the risk is still there and you should try to minimise exposure as much as humanly possible. I know not everyone can stay at home so I shan’t propose advice wrapped in idealism like so many newspapers are prone to do. It might be fine for white collar professionals to work from home or take a 6 month hiatus but most of the world needs to work to put food on the table.

Covid is a brutal enemy, not least to our economy but ultimately its something we will have to face head on. I expect our economies to open and shut in cycles as infection rates spike and level out.

Our hospitals seem to have a handle on things and whilst I am in no shape or form optimistic about our future for the next 5 years, I do feel relatively safe as my primary concerns are economic in nature as opposed to existential.

Over the past 2 months I have been watching this unfold and spent my days with the girl, nursing a cigar and planning for the future. I have been reached out by countless newspapers, book writers and other opinionated profiteers and shut them all down. If you are a prepper, do not engage with these people as they are not on your side.

The rampage on basic supplies & the resulting empty shelves has been blamed disproportionately on preppers oblivious to the fact that preppers don’t need to panic buy…as we are prepared.

Its obvious really but sadly the mainstream likes to pigeonhole entire communities into a narrow typecast that caters to their own narrative.

I keep my shopping spartan and I don’t make waves. I suggest you do the same because regardless of where the chips fall- they won’t turn around and thank you for your advice.

At the end of the day, people are people and expecting rational behaviour will only lead to disappointment.

Around me I have witnessed people dive headfirst into quasi-prepping- buying mounds of food and supplies (most of which will go to waste), engaging in furious conspiracy theories and then after a solid month of hand wringing, going down to the beach amongst throngs of people for a picnic because “they have had enough“.

Sure thing, skippy.

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